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IPM Italiana Prodotti Minerali s. r. l .
Italiana Prodotti Minerali s.r.l., was established in Genoa, Italy about half a century ago in 1966 to meet the need of various raw materials for the European Steel Industry and was soon able to gain confidence and trust of the globally reputed steel manufacturers. Today it has a strong client base that includes names like Thyssen-Krupp, Voest etc.

IPM Commodities Pvt. Ltd.
Four decades later, it became quite evident that though India herself is a mineral rich country, the projected growth that this country is poised for in the core sectors will soon lead to a deficiency in terms of the essential raw materials for steel.
And thus began the journey of IPM COMMODITIES PRIVATE LIMITED, the Indian arm of Italiana Prodotti Minerali s.r.l., in April 2010, with its base in Kolkata. The company emerged with an objective to provide complete solutions in terms of raw materials to the steel and associated industries in India.

Minmet S.A.M
In early 2016, a new organisation named Minmet S.A.M was formed in Monaco in order to give better financial and commercial support to the Indian and European operations. All the shares of IPM Commodities Pvt Ltd. held earlier by IPM Italiana Prodotti Minerali s.r.l. were sold to Minmet S.A.M., thus making Minmet S.A.M. now the major stakeholders of IPM Commodities Pvt Ltd. Accordingly, IPM Commodities became the Indian arm of Minmet S.A.M. to carry out the same type of business as earlier.

In pursuance to its objective of providing solutions in terms of sourcing of raw materials to the steel and allied industries, IPM Commodities felt the necessity of having its presence in Singapore through a subsidiary entity to facilitate transactions with the Indian customers in foreign currencies, thus providing financially competitive offers to its customers. Eventually, IPMC (Singapore) Pte Ltd. was established in January 2017, with75% stakes held by IPM Commodities. The objective of establishing this new company was to start full-fledged trading business of various industrial commodities to cater to the needs of Indian steel mills and alloy manufacturing units. Having presence in Singapore, IPMC Singapore has not only got access to international finance at a competitive price but also has got the accessibility to the international market in terms of chartering a vessel, sourcing materials and also diversified selling opportunities.

In the year 2019, IPM Commodities Pvt Ltd. had purchased all the shares of IPMC (Singapore) Pte Ltd. from its JV partner, thus becoming 100 per cent shareholders of the Singapore company.

During the last concluded financial year 2018-19, IPMC (Singapore) has done trading of manganese ore as well as carbon products like PCI Coal and anthracite coal, thus posting a turnover of USD 46.28 million, with a profit before tax of USD 1.10 million. The group's consolidated revenue thus stood at INR 343 crores as on 31st March 2019. The group has a total reserves and surplus of INR 70 crores.

We are actively involved in the sourcing of raw materials for the manufacture of steel products. Our global contacts enable us to source manganese ore, iron ore, coal and coke from countries as diversified as South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Italy, China and various other countries.