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Coal & Coke

Coal : IPM Commodities has among its product portfolio a vast range of coal products. Anthracite coal, Non-coking coal, T-coal and sized coal are just to name a few. The application of these commodities varies from ferroalloy producers to pellet plants, from power plants to sinter plants, and from DRI plants to steel manufacturers. Sources of such commodities are scattered all over the globe - from Russia to the US, from South Africa to Indonesia, from China to Colombia, and from Europe to Ukraine, where IPM has business relationships with renowned mines producing ultra-low sulphur, low-phosphorus and low ash-low VM coal.
IPMC has access to the best quality of anthracite coal in the world, typically available from Russia, with ultra-low sulphur and fixed carbon as high as 90%. This product, therefore, is being sought after by quality-sensitive plants producing ferrochrome. This, of course, is in addition to the more economical variety of anthracite available from Ukraine which IPMC is regularly sourcing for application in the Silicomanganese, Ferromanganese and Ferrosilicon production, as well in sintering process.
With its strong base in South Africa, IPMC is a reliable source for South African non-coking coal with moderate GCV, typically for sponge iron application. IPMC has also been sourcing sized coal from South Africa which is considered to be an ideal and more economical partial replacement of nut coke used by the ferroalloy smelters. Other than this, it also has established contacts to source non-conventional semi-anthracite thermal coal from other parts of the African continent for use in other industries like pellet plants and as a cheaper replacement for PCI coal in the blast furnaces.
A recent trend is seen among some of the Indian pellet plants to use a kind of semi-anthracite coal with low volatile matter. With its strong contacts in the CIS countries, IPMC has an easy access to such type of coal, known popularly as T-coal, from Russia.

Coke : Coke is a very versatile product. In addition to being used for generating heat, coke is also a component for making:
In Metallurgy : Cast Iron, Ferroalloy, Steelmaking, Aluminium, Lead, Zinc....
In Chemicals : Lime, Abrasives, Refractories, Electrodes, Soda, Sugar....
Other than the raw coal from the mines, IPM Commodities are also regularly importing Low Ash Metallurgical Coke for various applications from iron making to ferroalloy manufacturing, depending on the size and quality parameters required. The major commodities in this category include LAM Coke, Nut Coke and PET Coke.
While the name LAM Coke conventionally refers to Low Ash Metallurgical Coke used as a reducing agent in the blast furnace reaction, Nut Coke is a comparatively smaller size fraction which are used as the most common reductant by the ferroalloy manufacturers taking advantage of the high fixed carbon. IPMC have established its sources in Ukraine, Europe and China for import of both these products.
Raw PET Coke, on the other hand, is used by the calcination industry for final application in steel as well as aluminium industries. IPMC has its set up to source PET Coke from the United States as well as Rumania, the two known sources of such product.
Other than the above, Foundry Coke is another area where IPMC has put its hands on. The higher size of this coke helps to maintain the heat for a longer period of time, which assists the forging operation. The main sources of IPMC for this type of coke are some of the best-known coke producers in Europe.

Thus, the focus of IPM Commodities is to provide complete solutions to the steel and allied industries in India.