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Manganese Ore

IPM Commodities Pvt Ltd. had started their Indian operations in July 2010 with Manganese Ore as its core business, operating as the exclusive marketing agent in India for Ore & Metal Company Limited.
The manganese mines are situated in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa, approximately 80 kilometres north-west of the town of Kuruman and consist of two types of ores:

a) Nchwaning Mines - Producing an oxide ore with a typical 43/44/46% Mn content, with the Fe content around 10-11%
b) Gloria Mines - Producing a Carbonate ore with a typical Mn content of 36/37% and above, with the Fe content between 5-6%
Both the ores have extremely low Phosphorus content, ranging typically between 0.02 & 0.03%. This ultra-low phosphorus is the hallmark of Assmang Manganese ore.
Manganese Ore is mostly exported through Port Elizabeth, Saldanha Bay and Durban. The export of Manganese Ore takes place mainly in bulk but as well as in containers.
The Mn ore is transported via a dedicated rail line from the mine to Port Elizabeth and Saldanha Bay, which have a dedicated Mn ore terminal. Mn ore is transported by Rail as well as by truck to Durban.
Over its short journey of just over three years. IPMC commands over 25% of the market share in India for imported Manganese ore.