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Iron Ore / Pellets

At the beginning of the year 2011 when all steel mills in India were busy in augmenting their production capacities to adjust to the demand for steel in the near future, they could realize that though India has got a huge reserve of the main steel making raw material i.e. Iron Ore, the growth in mining of the mineral and thus availability of iron ore to the steel mills) may not be in synchronization with that of growing derived demand of the same from the steel industry due to reasons beyond anybody's control.
In addition to this, scarcity of high grade Calibrated Lumpy Ore (CLO) from the domestic miners coupled with inadequate indigenous sintering/pelletisation facilities galvanized the comparatively bigger steel mills to be more proactive in securing their sourcing management for the major raw material - Iron Ore. The result - Indian steel mills started importing iron ore. This is where we could position ourselves as a reliable supplier.
Assmang's mines of Iron Ore in South Africa produce very high quality of iron ore and the freight rate from South Africa to India is also very competitive as compared to that from any other iron exporting county. Eventually, we turned out to be a trusted supplier to the Indian Steel mills to hedge against any uncertainty to their raw material security.
Today IPM Commodities Pvt. Ltd. is making regular sales of Iron ore, for the use in both blast furnaces and sponge iron plants, from ASSMANG mines in South Africa. Our network of potential customers includes all big and small steel companies in India having inadequate captive source of iron ore.
Assmang Iron Ore from South Africa is exported through the Port of Saldanha Bay Bulk Terminal.

Iron Ore Pellets : Besides Calibrated Lumpy Iron Ore from our principal Assmang, we do have very good alliances with iron ore pellet manufacturers across the globe to suit the particular quality and quantity requirement of a few Indian customers whose production processes entails for raw material with strictly restricted extraneous matters and very high quality. IPMC is dedicated to cater to this niche market segment. We, due to our global presence and vast network of suppliers can supply pellets from countries like Canada, Ukraine etc.